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Show # 019 Best of Luck

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In this episode of listen2rajiv I just want to put before you some thoughts on luck, that will help you to reflect, introspect and make some changes if you have any self-limiting beliefs about luck.The world can be divided in two categories 1) people who believe success in life depends 90% on luck and 10% on efforts 2) people who believe success in life depends 90% on effort and 10% on luck. The percentages may vary though. People who believe that luck plays a major role are people who feel that their life is not in their control and people who believe effort plays a major role feel that their life is in their control. People are happy to the degree to which they feel that they are in control, this affects their confidence, outlook, actions and results.Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Please subscribe to my show via iTunes or RSS.

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