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The Video Training Workshop & Coaching(Mumbai)

The Video Trainer Workshop

Target Audience for Making & Creating Awesome Videos

Entrepreneurs / Yoga Teachers / Business Owners / Trainers / Feng Shui experts / Content Creators / Marketers / Realtors / L & D Professionals / Homemakers / Bloggers / Freshers / Make-up artists / Coaching Classes / Personal Trainers / Digital marketers / Professors/ Instructional designers / Stand-up comedians / Singers / Cookery Instructors OR anyone who has some talent to showcase to the world

The Possibilities of the Workshop

The coaching and training given in the workshop can be immediately put into practice and helps you in Video Editing, Making YouTube Videos, Screen capture videos, PowerPoint videos, Demo videos, Explainer videos, Promo videos, Testimonial videos, Sales videos, Motivational videos, Video-based learning, Talking head videos, Teaching videos, Tutorial videos, Coaching videos, Role play videos, Safety & First Aid videos, Online courses and Product launch videos. The training or coaching can be personal, group or corporate. The workshop is conducted by Rajiv Kumar Luv and Abhishek Luv.

Start taking advantage of YouTube to transform your business, get your message across, build your brand and market your products & services

Please visit our website @ and also do watch our Introductory Video for The Video Trainer Workshop @

This is the first of its kind workshop in Mumbai. Most courses simply focus on producing slick Hollywood and Bollywood like videos which cost a bomb.

This workshop requires no expensive equipment, no complicated software , no super creative skills.

This workshop is just like looking over our shoulder as we show you how we go about making a video. The batch size will be limited to 15 participants only, to give each participant a hands-on experience.

This workshop is 100% practical. Each participant will leave the workshop with a finished video uploaded on YouTube and proudly share it with the world.

After the workshop we will build a community of committed videographers on Facebook where we share our learning and experiences with each other and support each other.

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